Monday, April 24, 2017

Memo Monday is blooming

A big wave to you all on a blue sky morning

but don't be deceived into thinking it is warm - weather forecast says we will not make it up to 10C today.  But the blue and all the bloom on the trees and the new leaves do make for a lovely walk whichever direction I go.

I was surprised to notice that I also have some bloom inside - I think my geranium plants enjoyed 6 weeks without central heating while I was on holiday as they seem much healthier this year and one has flowers - this one has citrus smelling leaves

And something new I learnt this weekend?  7 minutes in the microwave renders a whole aubergine soft and cooked and ready to use in a dip - saved putting on the oven for just an aubergine.

Hope you all have a good week with some sunshine

Thursday, April 20, 2017

3 Faces on Thursday

When I was wandering in London on Saturday I had my eyes open for a theme to use in joining Mary Lou in her Thursday invite to share 3 photos with a theme.

I was drawn to the faces on all of the lampposts along the walkway by the river

and as I wandered along I saw a crowd watching people on one of the small areas of sand beside the river - they were creating sculptures in the sand, including this amazing face

and in the Tate Modern gallery I was intrigued by this knitted two faced piece by Louise Bourgeois

Monday, April 17, 2017

Memo Monday - the Tate and a green field

A big wave to you all on a chilly spring morning

An unusual weekend for me.  On Saturday I had 5 hours in London before boarding a train back to Scotland.  I had no plans so decided to stroll along beside the river and then visit an art gallery and food market.

I went to Tate Modern and walked through the 'sculpture' galleries which have a wide range of pieces, including one that you could walk on

and another you walked through

I really enjoyed this installation - a circular concrete area outside the building - periodically a fine mist was sprayed out - like really thick fog in places.  It provided fabulous light for photos and as the ground became wet wonderful reflections too.  I was lucky to see it as it is only there for 2 weeks.

The Borough food market was full of people and  lovely food.  I enjoyed a duck wrap, piece of banana bread and fruit punch and bought some bakery for the train and some hot cross buns to take home

The reason that I was in London on the way to the train was that I had been down to attend my uncle's funeral.  He had chosen to be buried at a green field site - a beautiful area with trees and a pond and lots of wildlife which will become a nature reserve.  Caskets are woven from willow and markers are trees and flat plaques. There is a lovely glass pavilion where the humanist celebrant spoke and where we came back for food after the burial.  This is the first time I've been to a burial rather than cremation or memorial.  Another first for me - there was an official photographer there taking photos of all the people.

It was a beautiful setting and felt totally appropriate for my uncle.  Good to see all of my cousins - a shame that it takes a funeral to bring us all together.

Wishing you all a good week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Memo Monday - what is the collective noun for sloths?

A big wave to you all as I sit in a nice patch of sun having just put my washing out on the line to dry - a sure sign of spring.

This weekend I did something not exactly new but I last did it in 1981 - met up with 2 school friends and we worked out that was the last time the 3 of us were together - we had each seen each other in pairs since.  Anyone eavesdropping as we chatted and joked would have thought we last saw each other last month - seems a pattern of friendly chat created through 5 years or more of seeing each other everyday at school is easily reignited 30+ years on. 

Saturday morning before I met them, I was at my regular crochet, cake and chat group and showing off my latest make

cute finger sloths.

One of the ladies in our group is planning a craft stall to raise money for charity and I agreed to make her plenty of sloths to sell - which led us to wonder what is the collective noun for sloths.  Google didn't have an answer - we thought a snooze would be appropriate - or to be contrary an excitement.  Anyone know the answer?

Wishing you all a good week